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tv   FOX News Special  FOX News  December 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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show. this is mike huckabee from new york good night and god bless stay tuned for "justice with judge nan nee janeane." >> there's blood on many hands tonight. th there is blood on the hands on the steps of city hall, in the office of the mayor. >> hello and welcome to "justice. i am judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us on this special edition of "justice. tonight there is brood on the steps of new york city hall. that blood spreads to the s citadel of power in the united states from the justice department to the white house. that blood from two men marked for death assassinated in a predictable almost inevitable response to a national climate that fosters hatred and death to
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police. when our leaders had a chance to douse the flames of the racial hatred and the divide that is tearing this country apart they didn't douse the buyers they stoked them. the president of the united states. >> sometimes you have got a police department that has gotten into bad habits this period of time that hasn't surfaced hidden biases that we all carry around. >> if you look at what happened with michael brown and what happened after trayvon if you look at the decision after eric garner i am being explicit about my concern and being explicit about the fact that this is a systemic problem that black folks and latinos are not just making this up. >> the attorney general eric holder wears his race and
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proudly saying he knows what it is like to be a black man confronted by the police. >> the national out cry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust and mutual position that takes hold in the relationship between law enforcement and certain communities. i wanted the people to know that i personally understood that mistrust. i wanted them to know that while so much else may be uncertain attorney general and department of justice stands with the people of ferguson. >> the actions of so-called leaders in failing to defend law enforcement the one line of defense we have against what would otherwise be a violent chaotic society has created this vie he lens of racial tension and perceived justified hatred for our protectors. and when the mayor of the city
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of new york doesn't defend his own police department two lieutenants violently attacked in a so-called peaceful protest that demands the killing of police bill deblasio not only becomes derelict in his duties but he fails in his responsibility to protect the rest of us. he can't even admit that the police were attacked. he says they were allegedly attacked. mr. mayor i know you are new knew at this but you are allowing your presentlyingtis towards police to interfere with the facts. they weren't allegedly assaulted they were vel limaliciously att by union type friends chanting this. (chanting)
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you don't seen ee the immorality of that you don't criticize the people yelling that. you defend this. we believe in the first amendment we all do but there are exceptions to free speech. you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. you cannot insight riots and it's about damn time the chance when do we want dead cops when do we want it now is outlawed. it's about damn time we stop this. and hey, bill, stop being a wuss and start being a damn leader, but not you. you want to talk about centuries of racism and dripping with police hatred you say... >> what parents have done for decade who have children of color especially young men of color is train them to be very
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careful when they have a connection with a police officer or have an encounter with a police officer. it is different for a white child. it is the reality of this country. >> what decade are you living in? the police so outraged they created a don't insult my service form signed new york city cops telling the mayor to stay away from their funerals in the event they are killed in the line of duty. and ironically and tragically within a week, in that very same brooklyn, a newlywed and a father of two sitting in a marked car eating lunch, five days before christmas shot in the head point blank range, execution style by a scum bag thug who proudly signalled they take one of ours. let's take two of theirs and referencing michael brown and
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eric garner. and don't tell me this dirt bag wasn't influenced our leaders and doesn't give me hog wash he is just another crazy. that is too ease sgree. he was clear and focused and he was egging on passers by to watch what he was about to do. so in the hospital where the two officers were just pronounced dead new york's finest justifiably turns their back, turn their back to the mayor. the man who brazenly forces the ultimate race al -- baiter al sharpton with the greatest department in the world new york city, the one and only al sharpton attacks more than 4 and a half million dollars in taxes a proven liar insurantigating a false tale of a young black girl
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raped whites whose march is yelling no justice no peace in crowned heights creating chaos in towns all over this country whose response to michael brown's decision quote we lost the round but the fight ain't over. you won the first round mr. prosecutor but don't cut your gloves off, because the fight is not over. close quote. and last night a sympathy message from al. al, your message is too little too late. we don't buy it and we don't want it. but back to you mayor deblasio. you are not a leader. at last night's press conference you say you don't want to get into politics and today you go to mass with police commissioner brat where the cardinals try to comfort pain so nanny of us in new york are feeling. instead of speaking at the microphone for you outside of
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the cathedral you sneak out the side door. cat got your tongue? you are the same guy who couldn't wait to tell us how you had to teach your son about the dangers and racism is present in real decisions that permeate our sewsit societies today. last night you say it's an attack on all of us everything we hold dear. you don't hold law enforcement dear. we don't want it we don't buy it. you are not a leader deblasio, you are a classic bully and yes you have got blood all over your shoes. that's my opening. joining me now two men who work together as mayor of new york and police commissioner on the phone former mayor judy giuliani and in washington former new york city police commissioner howard schafer. good evening to you both. >> good evening.
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>> good evening. >> are you there? >> i am right here. >> how do you feel? >> of course i feel horrible. let me say hello to my good friend howard. we worked together for many years before i was mayor and he was police commissioner in the justice department. this is a terrible night howard and i went through many of them when he was police commissioner as i did with bill and bernie kerik. i think that the new york city police department is in shock. i think that we are going to have to try to figure out how to repair this relationship because deblasio is the mayor and he will continue to be the mayor. i agree with you the last two to three months i don't think just new york. i think it is all over the country we have had an incredible amount of hate for police officers. i tried to combat it on "meet
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the press"." i got plenty of criticism about the problem is black on black crimes not police on black crimes. the police account for i don't know less than 1 percent of the shootings vooving blacks. blacks account for 92 percent of the shootings. blacks commit murder 5-6 times per capita. they try to say it's white on white crime, too. in fact in new york city only 8 percent of the people who commit murder is white. there's nothing racist about what i just said. what i just said is called the truth. if you don't you start engaging in propaganda, denial and all of the kind of stuff you quoted to before for someone to describe the president or attorney general is a systemic problem is absurd. is it a systemic problem it's an
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occasional problem in police brutality. the systemic problem under thousands and thousands of black young men who killed the other black young men and the heros of the black community should be the two police officers who were assigned there to prevent black murder. that is what they were assigned there to do. they were assigned to protect the young people of that community. one hispanic, one asian, our police department as howard knows is one of the dye verse in the country. we assigned them based on the program based on where crime took place. it was a bunch of italian kids in south brooklyn stealing cars we were arresting a bunch of italian kids in south brooklyn stealing cars. if a shooting happened it happened. if it was a person attacking police we had a big incident over a person the school was hurt while being arrested by the
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police. if it's black people committing crimes they are the ones getting arrested. the problem here is a crime police react to it the president, attorney general have created what i call an atmosphere of state, speech, about police. it is sickening. >> this at moss pemosphere of h speech as you describe it, mr. mayor, and the fact that you have described, are very accurate. most people don't understand it. most of the people who are chanting what do we want dead cops when do we want it now? these people have been led to believe that is someone actually has the staff that you just had you are the racist when you are telling the truth. >> i happen. howard will surely say the same thing. during the 8 years i was there i saved more black lives than any mayor in new york city.
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howard saber or bill bratton or bernie kerik may well have been or might have been ray kelly. but the reality is we save black lives only because the police office is like the died. >>ive to go to the break. rudy giuliani, howard safer more after the break. when i crave a smoke that's all i crave. that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ >> we are back with former mayor rudy giuliani and howard schafer. i am going to go to you. this issue what happened in new york what happened when you left how dowry act to this? how are you feeling tonight? >> i am sad and i am angry.
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i am sad for the recommend mel and lieu family they are going through what the mayor and i went through quite a few times. samlies lose loved ones. it is over 40 years in the police force i have never seen an atmosphere like this. there have been incidents in the past when i was police commissioner and since when you get the usual suspects raving about the police, we have the president the attorney general, a mayor going after police officers. we have to see a digs stinks because there's real distinctions. eric garner michael brown lost their life committing a crime. the message this is pending when it is coming from high officials i just described the police office is don't go out and risk your life. do what you have to do and get
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home safely to your family. what that is going to do is bring us back to the 1990's when we had no people putting radios in their car signs because we had 80,000 car thefts. we have to be honoring there are 18,000 police departments in the united states. millions. contacts every year with citizens. hundreds of thousands of arrests. the number of deaths and injuries to people arrested and members of the public are minuscu minuscule. the truth is our police are not out of control>> the sad part about thit is there are many me and women not just in law
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enforcement and police but prosecutors are in cases of police corruption and brutality but to put a target on every one of their backs to almost bat each other on the backs you know how many likes there were when they said we athey are going toe one of us we are going to take two of them. there were people saying i am going to go kill cops. this is a mentality as you both said and i am going to go back to you, the whole idea of leadership in this country. are you there? >> yes. >> what are we missing? >> this is what i was on msnbc i got into a fight with a
6:20 pm
professor on this. it is right it is not systemic but it does exist. a police officer went to jail for 25 years. we are capable of dealing with police brutality and police problems. 92 percent of the problem are caused by blacks killing other blacks. they should be dealing with what are the route causes of that? it makes me feel terrible president obama can be a role model he is a good father. he could be a role model to the community if he could talk about the importance of good education charter schools and vouchers
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this is what is killing the community. the heros are ramos and lou. they put their lives at risk for the community. none of them are out there putting their lives at risk at 2 in the morning to save a single black. >> more after the break. stay with us. {off-line}
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6:25 pm
black community. al sharpton does not represent the black community. the mayor and i went to dozens and buds ens of town hall meetings and community meetings and black communities and we didn't hear about al sharpton or protests. we heard more police officers safer communities and the same thing all families want in this country to be free from harm. that's what we provided that's what the police provided. when politicians recognize that, we can deal with retraining police officers or giving them better training or talking about the escalation but the vast majority put on the uniforms with a target on their back every day know they put their lives on the line and they need the kind of presecurity p -- re professionals get and recognition politicians that
6:26 pm
they are really the line between us and kay yos. >> rudy giuliani i will go back to the same question. you got experience. with law enforcement you cleaned up the city in a way no one thought it could be cleaned up. how do we get out of this mess? i am going to ask you to think about one more thing. if the police are worried about themselves and their own safety, that takes away from their ability of justifiably on their part to take care of us. >> no question about that. >> human beings if they are crucified for what they do they will be careful. it tuz have an impact. we have to go broader than that. this is not a racial problem. this is a crime problem not a racial problem. there is no more a racial problem than the mafia with ethnic problem with the italians.
6:27 pm
when it was based honestly and squarely we do damage destroying it. what we lack is a kind of leader that we should have when i fist used the word mafia i was attacked for being anti italian. i am 100 percent italian and i am so proud of it i can't express it. i was attacked for being anti italian. a lot are in the state of denial. there's a crime problem right now. it happens to be in big cities and african americans to a large extent. it's not a racial problem it's a crime problem. they should be dealing with better education and more responsibilities in the home they should be dealing with better opportunities for jobs and enticing more business here. with a reduction in crime in harlem i turned harlem around we had mayors talking about turning
6:28 pm
harlem around. >> rudy, a lot of people do. we know that. the facts are the facts. go ahead. >> you couldn't walk down 125th street. by the time they got back they didn't come to har mrem before. i care as much about the white people as black people. there's no difference to me at all. it's about saving lives. bernie and bill where we save lives. these people all they are talking about is prop begaaganp. to try to put the problem on the police it's not going to solve it because police are not the problem. police are the solution. there are these two police officers lou and ramos they lost thae lives to protect the black community. >> all right. from ferguson to staten island.
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my next guest saw this coming sheriff david clark joins us next and i thank rudy giuliani and police commissioner for spending so much time with us on "justice. for the perfect shave at any angle. go to to save up to $40. innovation and you. philips norelco. i have the worst cold with this runni better take something. dayquill cold and flu doesn't treat your runny nose. seriously? alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms plus your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is. ♪ ♪ abe! get in!
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am kelly wright. a hearing clears james winston of allegations you violated the
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criminal misconduct. a prosecutor decided not to criminally charge winston citing a black lack of evidence. the code of conduct hearing was inconsistent with the burton of proof. the average price dropping nationwide at the past two weeks to $2.40 a gallon. that's the cheapest it has been. lundberg saying she expects prices to keep falling pushed by lower prices. an abundant supply and rising of the u.s. dollar. i am kelly wright back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> you are looking at a vigil held tonight in boston from rafael ramos and one john lieu. despite this moment of peace racial tensions continue to
6:34 pm
escalate after the execution style murders of two new york police officers. sheriff david clark joins me now. >> good evening? >> how are you? >> i don't know. i am probably the same as you. how do you feel? oo saddened and outraged at the violent killing of two of new york's finest. i tell you what, i saw this coming the last three months we have heard nothing but hate speeches and anti cop rhetoric fueled by some people occupying the heist offices in this land. we have had this garbage shoved down our throat this irresponsible rhetoric about our nation's heros our sweet cops. when i heard this last night and i hear there was another shooting with the police officer today in florida, i hear this nonsense from the left about open season on young black males it is open season on cops right now. i am sick of it. >> we are all sick of it s especially those who worked in this business for so many years. the amazing part of all of this
6:35 pm
is you have got an african american in the white house and he wasn't elected by just blacks. he was elected by whites. yet he seems to be alopping with his attorney general the men who were creating this perception that cops are your enemy and you have got to protect your kids from them. why is that? why are they doing this? >> because it was politically advantageous for president obama and eric holder to do that and mayor deblasio as well. i found the statements they came out with after the announcement of the death of the officers to be i don't want anything to do with it they can have it back. the only reason they are saying it today is it is politically advantageous for them to say it today. they had a chance to ex toll the virtue of the nation's law enforcement officers early on in this tragic incident. instead they choose divisive politics. they benefited from the divisive politics. the law enforcement communities
6:36 pm
law enforcement officers and neighborhoods are suffering as a result of this divisive policy. this stuff needs to stop from these individuals. >> you know, sheriff, how do you think this will stop? we know how we got here. how will we get out of this? >> when we stop the individuals we know how to solve problems at the local level. do we have problems? sure we do. we have the police officer to try to make them to be the scapegoat and whip whenning post is not the way out of it. local issues have been solved at the local level. keep the dc politicians out of this and we will solve this on our own. we make great strides into the community relations in this country. we have a long way to go. we are making strides. these individuals came along and saw something smoldering and instead of taking the responsible way out and
6:37 pm
providing for leadership with responsible rhetoric they choose to pour gasoline on this smoldering issue and now it's in flames. i found it interesting that the president issued his statement this morning from hawaii on his christmas vacation. america is in crisis and he is in hawaii. >> we had an american who had his head severed and within 7 minutes he was back on the course. always good to have you here. >> thank you for your support for police officers. >> always. america's police under siege. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years.
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>> the saassassination of polic officers is unspeakable and unbearable. it brings others back to the 70's when new york police assassinations were carried out by a group called the black liberation army. they were shot from behind while on foot on patrol may 21, 1971. they were walking their patrol beat and shot them in the back. a valentine's day massacre 1972. our police just like in the 70's once again under siege.
6:42 pm
vernon is a retired homicide commander and he joins me now. you are a legend in the new york city police department you have written several books on homicide. you are the man, all right. tell me about the 70's. what was going on then? >> it hit me like a brick in the head. it sent me back to the days as a young detective. he was at frank logan's house. that was the beginning of this saum two-days after he was shot jones were killed at the harlem projects. we were under siege. >> why what was going on? >> we had a police commissioner who went out to lunch we were concerned with nothing to do
6:43 pm
with police work, we had a sergeant and detective sergeant these were really horrible times. to think we are going back because of this an the come rhetoric by the people espoused who were supposed to be leaders it is disgusting. he didn't have to drop it at city hall he had to drop it at the white house. three months ago when president obama and eric holder interjected themselves into the ferguson missouri situation they caused nothing but havoc and when the grand jury when the facts as not being high peshb - hyperbole the system was broken. >> you know what else is amazing? if you think about it he did a trayvon martin thing and said we are going to have a justice department investigation and civil rights investigations what about trayvon martin nothing? there was nothing there. >> the problem is if you tell a
6:44 pm
lie long enough it becomes the truth. if you want to enflame the passions. we talk about how muslims get radicalized in this country. he was radicalized by the anti rhetoric of the sharpton, obama and holden. >> just in case our audience doesn't know he has a wrap sheet a mile long. he was 28 years old. just like i said in my opening. >> mayor giuliani said it before i will say it again. these are criminal acts not racial acts. to twist it into a racial situation is outrageous and the problem is, liberal media like cnn gives it to a guy like al sharpton who's a fraud gets invited to the white house. >> he is sitting at the sid delve power. there is an officer down the memorial page. in 2013 law enforcement officers killed by gun fire.
6:45 pm
2014 the number is 46 and they say there's a 53 percent increase between last year and the shooting death of police and this year. >> i have to go back to what is being told by the leaders. if you put out the anti come rhetoric and you tell people the police are your enemy -- >> what are we going to do? how do we get out of it in the 70d. this is where we say cops are pigs are pigs. >> we are the shepherds that protect people. we get out of it by holding these politicians to task or the words they use. >> what do you do to the president of the united states. what are you going to do with the guy? is every week i talk about them. >> i think the general public is disgusted with this racist device iness that took place. a lot of people voted for obama
6:46 pm
the first african american with the idea it would be good. guess what? it turned out to be bad. he has an agenda. eric holder has an agenda. al sharpton we know where he comes from look where he is today. he has been given ambassador ship. >> he was sued for defamation they had a judgment against him he refused to pay it. can you image if you did that. what do you think will happen with the nypd now? >> that is palpable. >> i was interviewed with the bbc the thought that pat lynch's remarks were very provocative. what happened be more provocative when do we want dead cops? that's not provocative? i told my son to talk with police and say you are going to get hurt. this is crazy. >> they attribute some of the decisions by grand juries what
6:47 pm
century are they living in? >> this is a harvard attorney. you are the district attorney. the grand jury did not hear the rhetoric they heard the facts. and the facts were no clue. >> always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> up next police moral and are you save? if they are busy watching their backs. stay with us. >> we love them very much. we mourn with them. we need them. we respect them and we are proud of them and we thank them. would you tell them that commissioner bratton and chief o'neil? am i correct in thinking that's your sentiment everybody? (applause) hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours.
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>> he has one community and we work with the officers. mr. mayor you need to have a sit down and you need to gefrth corrected from the mayor's office down. this is wrong. >> good for you. >> that was a spokesman for the family of officer rafael ramos. if police officers now have to worry about pro effecting themselves given the circumstances of what is going on, who is going to protect us? former nypd sergeant john rafferty joins us now. police have to be concerned about copy cats. i have seen stuff on the internet #shoot police people coming to new york and brooklyn to do that? >> before this happened all of my friends at the police department had their hands tied having an administration behind them to second-guess them.
6:52 pm
they support the police officers which they really need. you have spoken with them today i am sure many of them. how angry are they? >> you have people contemplating retirement and standing there not doing anything. cops i know they are still going to do their job. they risk their lives. we have two dead cops here. so unfortunate it could have been avoided. >> i believe that. i believe it is blood on the hands of those and the mayor and the president and attorney general. i want no matter the conditioners no matter what type of job is needed they are going to require blackup. they are saying now from the pba potential slow downs possible. and unless absolutely necessary you are not going to place an
6:53 pm
individual under arrest. that tells me that the police are going back to the way it was in the 70's and 80's as vern just talked about. when police were the enemy their lives are the ones being targeted. how do we get out of it? >> we have taken police the enemies absolutely ridiculous, shameful. the police are risking their lives every day. the reason the police are in some of these neighborhoods is because of blackout black crimes. they are there for 32 years he got such blow back from that. that was the truth. >> the funny thing to me when they lock somebody up they get off on a robbery case now when they find the cops not guilty the outrage is after that. why is the grand jury good for one thing and not for another. it is laughable.
6:54 pm
>> what is the hope? >> the hope is they won't institute in place. >> will the pba, new york city will they ever sit down and honestly dialogue with the mayor. i have never seen anything palpable. >> i think he was a great leader he was my pba leader when i was there k the police department. people don't go out there wrestling people because of their color. they arrest people because of the crime. all i have when the pleasure to work with black, white latino we don't look at people's color we look at who is committing the crime. >> it is not only that. for the most part if you are arresting an african american you are arresting him for injuring another african american. yet the biggest violence against african americans the greatest number of criminals against african americans is african
6:55 pm
americans. there needs to be a government that recognizes we have to do things for the african american community. >> united a small number of people that really go after these neighborhoods. you have a lot of good people in these neighborhoods. >> back with your comments after this. is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief. try gaviscon®.
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6:57 pm
>> we didn't expect to be on tonight given what happened last night. ment still many of you reacted and texted and facebooked about your feelings of the execution of two of new york's finest. angel says:
6:58 pm
it's not good for new york city and it's not good for the kong tree. sanders says you are so right, judge, i am live individual about this, too. god bless the two innocent policemen and their families. you are right. the thought of as we are looking to celebrate the holidays their families are going to be at a funeral and burying them. >> betsegment said i am tired o everyone blaming the police. there is no culpability on either of the offenders. if they followed the instructions of the police, talking about michael brown and eric garner, they would still be alive today. god bless them. the police that are yelling the most will be the first to call police when help is needed. i hope they get their pay back some day. you are so right.
6:59 pm
they are the first ones to call for the police to protect them. celeste says i am pretty sure a large percentage of citizens have had it with this race baiting. it is ridiculous. i pray often for law enforcement and the powers that be in all areas of government. i do, too, but i am disappointed. kevin says thank you for supporting team blue, judge. i know the nypd will teach the mayor how to properly interact with the police. we have been given a black eye before we have always risen to show why polithe the bess polic force in the world. severe says i would love to see al sharpton on your show, judge. it would be amazing watch and teach them right from wrong. they want to thank me i was able to convict a poli
7:00 pm
set your dvr, tell your friends to do the same. friend me on facebook follow me on twitter on "judge jeanine. >> government or charity? >> charity. >> charity gave these students hope. >> i have become a role model for young guys>> are some charities gimmicks? >> you know about the als ice bucket challenge? >> what does als stand for? >> so what if tomorrsome beam d know? it still creates happiness.


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